ICAN Learn Board

ICAN Learn is a ‘social enterprise’ and a division of the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network LTD (ICAN). Incorporated in 2007, ICAN has become a national leader in consumer advocacy, financial counselling and literacy for Indigenous people. ICAN’s Board of Directors and CEO/Managing Director have successfully both governed and managed this large specialist non-government organisation for the past 10 years. ICAN has a skills based board of directors that come with a variety of backgrounds, suitable experience and knowledge, including running a registered training organisation, media, education, human resource management and law. ICAN’s current Board of Directors can be viewed here.


Educate. Learn. Empower. Lead.


Sector driven professional development and training delivered by Industry professionals across Australia.


  1. To be the leader of ethical education and professional development in the financial well-being sector.
  2. Demonstrate leadership by developing links between financial well-being and complimentary service sectors.
  3. Build on the success of the Indigenous financial counselling mentorship and Yarnin’ Money programs through further development of education, training and leadership opportunities.
  4. Ensure alignment to the auspice company’s charitable purposes and objects identified in clause 1.2 of the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network Ltd’s Constitution.