• Course Duration: 18 Months
  • Course Code: CHC51115
  • Location: Cairns
  • RPL: Yes

Brief Overview

The Indigenous Financial Counselling Mentorship Program (IFCMP) has an 8 year history with 34 participants from across Australia successfully graduating with a Diploma of Financial Counselling. The Diploma of Financial Counselling is run over 18 months and will commence in July/August 2017. Learning will take place through classroom style block training in Cairns, weekly online group training sessions and one to one contact with trainers. It is a requiremnet that participants will attend six residential block training sessions, for 5 days per block. The residential block training sessions are spaced approximately 2.5 - 3 months apart.

The course provides practical skills and knowledge, so that graduates can assist their clients with a wide range of financial difficulties. Through this program, participants will learn how to support clients in decision making, facilitate the financial counselling process, develop and use financial counselling tools and techniques to address credit and debt issues. Participants will also gain a full understanding of a client’s financial/consumer rights and responsibilities. The Diploma of Financial Counselling is a customised course that recognises both prior learning and work experience.

Course Outline

Please use the link below to download a PDF file.

Diploma of Financial Counselling Course Outline

More Information

For more information please download the Mentorship Program Brochure and ICAN Learn 2017 IFCMP Scholarship Application