• Course Duration: 12 months - 2 years
  • Course Code: CHC51115
  • Location: National - online
  • RPL: Yes

Brief Overview

ICAN Learn is a social enterprise training organisation focusing on quality to develop the financial capability sector and thereby strengthening consumer advocacy.

Whilst our courses focus on place-based training approaches across Australia, featuring strong links with industry and workplace mentoring, we do provide an online individualized course for those who are unable to attend training physically, in particular those living in remote locations.

Our online delivery focuses 1:1 support from our lead tutor, self-directed learning and a fully online platform for assessment completion and submission. We provide resources electronically to assist students with their studies.
The Diploma of Financial Counselling requires 220 hours of specific placement. Placement must be done in an agency that has qualified financial counsellors who can provide workplace mentoring and support and work with ICAN Learn to ensure that competencies are developing and eventually met.

Placement is governed by a specific process to ensure quality and safe outcomes. ICAN Learn will provide details about this to you once you are enrolled. ICAN Learn will recommend organisations but it is incumbent on the student to seek out placement and establish the relationship. ICAN Learn assesses placement proposals to ensure suitability of the placement agency and to ensure that the agency can work with ICAN Learn to meet the student assessment outcomes.

ICAN Learn is not registered for VET fee HELP at this stage. Payment arrangements are available for each invoice; the student will be unable to start new units until billed units are paid for.

Please note: You will be required to provide certified copies of identification documents, a requirement of the Australian Skills Quality Authority [ASQA], prior to approval of enrolment.

Course Outline

Please use the link below to download a PDF file.

Course brochure CHC51115 Diploma of Financial Counselling_2019

More Information

RPL is offered for this course. Please read the RPL toolkit below. Applications will be accepted once a person is enrolled in the course. 

ICAN Learn RPL Application form