On the Move with Transurban

L-R: Gabby Sundstrom (Director Social Licence, Transurban); Francesco Grande (Partnership Advisor, Transurban); Paul Rankin (Operations Manager, ICAN Learn); Tracey McCurdy (Executive Officer, ICAN Learn)

On the Move with Transurban

ICAN Learn is excited to announce our new partnership with Transurban to support the delivery of culturally appropriate tolling education resources addressing toll debt.

Transurban has chosen to partner with ICAN Learn, recognising the organisation’s expertise in developing and delivering culturally appropriate financial education resources for First Nations peoples and our reputation as a trusted organisation within the First Nations Financial Counselling sector.

Gabby Sundstrom, Director Social Licence, Transurban, said, “Collaborating with ICAN Learn is so important in making sure we can build something with First Nations Financial Counsellors and communities.  It’s great to work with a group that sees the value in cross-sector collaboration, and that can provide invaluable insight from our customers and communities.”

New Culturally Appropriate Resources

ICAN Learn is co-facilitating a series of workshops with Transurban to harness valuable insights that will shape the development of new and progressive tolling education resources.  The resources aim to prevent First Nations peoples from accumulating toll debt, or if they do, provide information and options on how to manage it.

The reference group, comprising First Nations financial counsellors, financial capability workers, ICAN Learn educators, and a diverse representation of Transurban staff from Corporate Affairs, Customer Service, Linkt Assist and Marketing, meet regularly, utilising a collaborative co-design approach.

The final resources will feature an engaging series of videos dedicated to educating First Nations clients about tolls, what a toll road looks like, how to open an account or pay for a short-term tolling option, and what to do if someone has a toll debt.  To complement the videos, written resources will also be developed.  The working group is exploring the idea of a notebook or informative fact sheets to further enhance the learning experience.

In addition, a comprehensive set of resources will be developed for financial counsellors, financial capability workers, or other community workers who provide financial literacy education about toll debt to First Nations clients.

Transurban Scholarships now available

In more exciting news, Transurban is generously funding 12 scholarships for First Nations people to complete the skill set in CHCSS00077 Financial Literacy Education.  The skill set is a great way to boost any community role or to step into employment opportunities as a financial literacy worker providing basic financial literacy education to clients.

The course is delivered live online using Zoom, so applicants can be based just about anywhere in Australia.  The skill set is taught across three full days with an assessment due four weeks after the final class.  ICAN Learn facilitates the course regularly (every 6 to 8 weeks), so interested applicants should apply now.

Employment Opportunities

The CHCSS00077 Financial Literacy Education skill set provides fantastic employment opportunities and is a great way to increase the number of skilled First Nations workers in our sector.

Many organisations around the country employ First Nations Financial capability workers, but this skill set is also suitable for people working in other Community Services roles that want to better support their clients to achieve financial wellbeing.

This course is great as it’s not a big time commitment, so it’s easy to achieve and sets participants on a study and work pathway.  It provides participants with the skills and knowledge to support people to change their money story through direct client support and group education.  Whether you want to enhance your current client work or pursue a new employment pathway, this course is the perfect opportunity.

Read about or apply for a Transurban Scholarship here.

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