A key focus for ICAN Learn is to provide support to the financial counselling and financial capability sector!

We support the development of financial counsellors from the time of graduation from the Diploma of financial counselling onwards by providing ongoing education opportunities.

Those who complete the skill set in financial literacy education at ICAN Learn also need ongoing support. ICAN Learn is developing opportunities to build the financial capability workforce through internal and external accredited and non-accredited education opportunities.

For financial counsellors

We provide:

  1. Education for financial counsellors to become professional supervisors and assist to build a resilient workforce.
  2. Mentoring education; assisting financial counsellors to develop excellence in mentoring in the workplace; enquire about services
  3. Professional supervision network; linking financial counsellor professional supervisors to others in the sector and opportunities for specialist professional supervision
  4. Continuous professional development opportunities through webinars and providing education with financial counselling peak bodies across Australia
  5. Professional supervision for those needing independent professional supervision to meet membership requirements.

For financial capability workers

  1. Skill set in Financial literacy education and then follow-up through our financial capability ongoing learning circle
  2. Access to additional skillsets that develop the role of the financial capability worker
  3. Growing the understanding of the vital nature of the role of financial capability through linking with agencies and providers of financial capability services