ICAN Learn is a ‘social enterprise’ and a division of the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network LTD (ICAN). Incorporated in 2007, ICAN has become a national leader in consumer advocacy, financial counselling and literacy for Indigenous people.

ICAN Learn is a Registered Training Orgnanisation and provides ethical education to the broader financial well-being sector; fostering leadership and professional expertise.

The establishment of ICAN Learn was made possible through a successful long standing partnership between ICAN and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

As a ‘Social Enterprise’ any profit made by ICAN Learn will go toward achieving ICAN’s vision of ‘Empowering Indigenous Consumers’, through the support of dedicated consumer projects.

If you would like to find out more about ICAN Learn’s training and professional development, including teaching in the Financial Counselling and Capability Sectors contact Robyn Shepherd-Murdoch at
robyn.shepherd-murdoch@icanlearn.edu.au or call 0488 229 133.