The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Financial Literacy Australia, Deloitte, Gilbert & Tobin Lawyers and the University of Queensland SEEP Program made the creation of the ICAN Learn ‘social enterprise’ possible.

We continue to work with a number of key partners for success: the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, EnergyAustralia, our agencies across Australia who invest in our education to upskill their staff, individuals who enrol in fee paying courses to support our social enterprise vision of empowering Indigenous consumers. 

ICAN Learn is a member of the Independent Tertiary Council of Australia [ITECA] ITECA provided the following information in one of its February 2021 updates;

The leadership of independent RTOs on these metrics is important as employers set about the task of securing the skills needed to support the economic recovery.” Troy Williams [CEO ITECA]

Relevance of skills taught
Private Training provider — 89.7%
Professional / industry association — 94.1%
TAFE Colleges — 85.8%

Cost-effectiveness of the training
Private Training provider — 84.9%
Professional / industry association — 86.7%
TAFE Colleges — 77.8%

Flexibility of the provider in meeting needs
Private Training provider — 90.0%
Professional / industry association — 86.5%
TAFE Colleges — 79.1%

Trainer’s knowledge and experience of industry
Private Training provider — 89.6%
Professional / industry association — 92.6%
TAFE Colleges — 84.2%

Standard of assessment
Private Training provider — 89.3%
Professional / industry association — 91.4%
TAFE Colleges — 79.6%