All ICAN Learn teachers provide relevant industry expertise and set ICAN Learn aside from other RTOs delivering the Diploma of financial counselling [CHC51115]

Aaron Davis – CEO/Managing Director

As CEO/Managing Director and co-founder of the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network Ltd (ICAN) and cofounder of ICAN Learn, it’s social enterprise Registered Training Organisation Aaron’s bring passion and experience to build ongoing expertise within the Indigenous community; growing leadership opportunities. 

Bernadette Pasco – ICAN Learn Executive Officer 

Bernadette is the cofounder of ICAN Learn and has an extensive background in health [nursing], community services, financial counselling and education. She is passionate about building the strengths of those in the financial counselling and capability sector to be teachers and leaders to develop new expertise in those wanting to become financial counsellors and financial capability workers. 

“Everything we do at ICAN Learn is about building on the strengths of our teachers and financial counsellors to ensure vulnerable consumers get the best services.” 

Rebecca Killen – RTO Coordinator 

Rebecca coordinates the activities of the administration team adding her expertise to the administration and compliance approach of ICAN Learn. Rebecca coordinates student processes and assists with the maintenance of quality frameworks , promoting ICAN Learn’s aim for excellence. 

Robyn Shepherd-Murdoch – Teaching, Learning & Course Coordinator

Robyn is an experienced Financial Counsellor and educator for Diploma of Financial Counselling [CHC51115] and  Financial Literacy Education Skillset [CHCSS00077]. Robyn coordinates the teaching and learning program through 1:1 support for teachers, resource review, provision of education sessions and 1:1 support to students. 

Michelle Ludwig- Teacher

Michelle is an experienced Financial Counsellor with specific expertise in working with victims of family violence to build financial resilience. Michelle brings a wealth of community sector experience and is a valued member of our teaching and assessing team.  Michelle provides education and student support. 

Natasha Syed Ali – Teacher

Natasha is an experienced financial counsellor and transitioned her career from casual to part time teacher with ICAN Learn in 2019. Natasha has a passion for community development and financial literacy and brings a large amount of expertise to ICAN Learn.  Natasha’s financial counselling skills make a real difference to all students at ICAN Learn. 

Jill McKinlay

Jill is an experienced Financial Counsellor with specific expertise in supporting people with compulsive gambling behaviours to live a full life without gambling.  Jill is passionate about embracing counselling skills (social constructionist theory) and language to improve financial resilience of vulnerable consumers.  Jill welcomes the opportunity to support budding financial counsellors enter the sector through her role as part time ICAN Learn teacher

Anna O’Loughlin – Teacher

Anna O’Loughlin started her career as a Financial Counsellor working in emergency assistance program supporting clients who needed support with food, clothing, bus tickets and bill support.  Anna has moved from working with a small team of Financial Counsellors across Adelaide to working in and teaching financial literacy. Anna moved from being a casual teacher of the Diploma of Financial Counselling to a part time role with ICAN Learn, and is still involved in financial counselling casework. Anna has a passion for financial literacy education.

ICAN Learn has a number of casual teachers that also contribute a lot to our team and our students. If you are a qualified financial counsellor and are interested in teaching, please email